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The Art Museum of China and the The National Gallery, Belarus, have worked together for two years, carefully prepared. Today, the exhibition has been successfully held here. The first time in history has moved the Belarus The National Gallery to the palace of the Chinese Art Museum.

The The National Gallery in Belarus has an important collection of fine art from the ancient holy image to the contemporary different styles. The exhibition has exhibited 57 collections of collection of oil paintings, which span the nineteenth Century, including portraits, landscapes, still life paintings, and custom paintings. Different historical periods, different genres, different styles of works basically series the clear vein of the development of Belarus fine arts, showing us the pure land and sky of Belarus, the peaceful and free life of the people and their yearning for the beautiful.

First, the exhibition has the wonderful works of Russian touring school masters, which are familiar and loved by the Chinese people, infiltrating the cultural memory and emotion of the Chinese people, such as the wonderful works of crems ay, Repin, Levitan, Shishkin, Nesterov and others. They interpret the greatness of the Russian nation with high realism. The soul of their works is regarded as a common wealth of mankind and enjoys high honor in Belarus The National Gallery.

From the middle of the nineteenth Century, Belarus fine arts started under the Russian art system, including Beh Lutz Ki, Leah, Ru koves Ki and so on in the painting world. The exhibition selected Beh Lutz Ki's "rose and fruit", "the portrait of a man", than Lu Leah's "early spring", "one day of winter", Zhukov SiC's "the evening of spring", "Christmas Eve", and so on, the painting style is simple and profound, the calm in the connotation of poetry, showing a profound understanding and inheritance of Russian art tradition.

The Art Painting School of Belarus began to form in the second half of the twentieth Century. The Belarus artists represented by Dan Zi Ge and Gugl took root of the soil of national life, excavated their own national cultural traditions, sang the poetic meaning of nature and the beauty of human nature. Especially after the announcement of independence of Republic of Belarus in 1991, Belarus art began to take the road of self renewal and cultural root finding. The artist's vision is more open. On the one hand, it absorbs the influence of western modernism and explores various forms of expression outside the realism. On the one hand, it draws nutrition from the national and folk resources. It has a strong national spirit and a strong national spirit like casabo "Belarus" and "give the moon to me" by Kos Cho Schenk. A style of work.

This year is the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Belarus. 25th anniversary, cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries are developing rapidly in various ways. As an important node of the national The Belt and Road "initiative, Republic of Belarus is Silk Road Economic Belt into one of the European gateway. At present, in the framework of the "The Belt and Road" initiative, the two countries jointly carried out extensive cooperation in the field of culture. The close contacts between art museums, museums and libraries between the two countries have created a profound cultural relationship between the two countries and strengthened the friendship between the two peoples. This exhibition is an important achievement of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the Chinese Art Museum and the The National Gallery of Belarus. It condenses the sincere friendship of the two The National Gallery. Through this exhibition, we will enter the art world of Belarus. Through the exchange of artistic heart and heart, we will arouse a greater scope of resonance.





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